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mai 1, 2023

Craziest One-Night Stand Stories

These wild Morning-After Stories could just be The Funniest Thing Ever

Let’s tell the truth: One-night stands are unusual. You’re taking a whole stranger and introducing these to the quintessential close parts of yourself. Then you certainly likely never see all of them once again. Manufacturers complete good sense, correct?

Without a doubt, a variety of aspects need to be considered — alcoholic beverages, whether you are on vacation, whether you are feeling down and require an arbitrary hookup, learning someone way-out of one’s league striking on you, or just the usual logic-overthrowing horniness. 

But the end result is virtually constantly this: You get up near to a complete stranger. And awkwardness ensues. 

This is why Redditors hopped about this concern: Reddit, what’s your own worst connection with waking up after a single evening stand?

The replies are pretty incredible. 







Alas, all had not been well and after 2 hours of knocking on doors he realized he previously entirely forgotten in which she existed.

He came back where you can find me personally and our stinking apartment where he ready morning meal for us both with much center and also the bluest of golf balls.

*Update – i recently recalled another twist for this tale – he phoned me as he ended up being taking walks toward store and explained he couldn’t recall whether the woman title was, say often, ‘Emma’ or ‘Anna’, then phoned myself again in an anxiety time afterwards whilst in search of her household asking just what two brands he’d said she can be known as having disregarded both of those too. — chris1300


















Think about you? Any crazy stories? Show all of them in the comments…